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 Hi! I'm super excited that you're writing me a story, and I'm sure that whatever you create will be awesome. This is the first time I've done a fanfic exchange, so if I've been unhelpfully vague on any point please feel free to let me know anon. If you want to just go ahead and write, please do so! If you'd like a little more detail, however, read on:

Likes: My favourite thing is awesome female characters doing pretty much anything, and having fully-fleshed-out relationships - be that femslash, friendship, family relationships, or rivalry (and I never say no to a good foemance). I have a special love for stories about sisters. Characters of varying sexual and gender identities make my heart happy. I also LOVE anything with a strong sense of place, characters relating to particular places, setting-as-a-character and all that stuff. I'm a sucker for worldbuilding, detailed descriptions, nonlinear narratives, intertextuality, and anything that plays with language and storytelling in fun ways - although it's absolutely not a must! I enjoy action-y adventures as much as I enjoy pretty worldbuilding or character pieces.

I like fix-it fic and canon divergence that allows characters or relationships to be developed; also AUs in which things are more or less as they are in canon but with little differences, especially if they're sci-fi or fantasy flavoured, i.e. magic creeping into a realist setting, or anachronistic technology showing up in a fantasy world. But I also enjoy really out-there AUs and crossovers, again especially if science-fictional or fantastical: space opera, fairy tale, steampunk, what have you.

Sex is great, though I do like it to be accompanied by strong characterisation, and I am a big fan of informed consent. If you want to write kink, all I love all facets of BDSM, but I also enjoy non-kinky sex!

Dislikes: Please no non-con. Incest between sisters also squicks me. I said above that I like female rivalry, but I'm not keen on it being over a man, or portrayed as petty - I'd prefer it to be about a clash of personalities/worldviews/ambitions, and to be treated as seriously as rivalries between male antagonists would. Love triangles annoy me, although some initial triangle-y angst that resolves itself into poly would be an exception. And I'm not particularly into modern-day AUs.

Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis
(Aravis, Lasaraleen)

I fell in love with Calormen the first time I read The Horse And His Boy, and always wanted to read more about it. And I love Aravis and Lasaraleen, their differences as well as the friendship and loyalty that exists between them. Anything about their relationship - and if you want to make it shippy I'll be over the moon, although friendship is equally good - be it how-they-met backstory, post-canon reuninon, canon divergence, or whatever, would be super cool. I'd also be thrilled to read a fic focusing on one or the other, and their lives.

There's a caveat here: my feelings about Calormen now are complicated, and I find Lewis's descriptions of the country and culture to be an uncomfortable read. I would beg anyone writing for this prompt to avoid the 'cruel and oppressive culture' route that the book's narrative voice takes, and focus on the characters' insider perspectives.

Les Misérables (movie/musical)
(Cosette, Eponine)

First up, I am fascinated by all the female characters of Les Mis, and would be delighted with fic featuring any of them. So if you'd rather write a different character, or just Cosette or just Eponine, please do!

With Cosette and Eponine, I am in love with the potential that they have together: the shared past, the reversal in fortunes, the contrasts and parallels between them. I ship and friendship them, and I love that the musical gives them interaction in Paris, and all the questions that opens up. Eponine recognises Cosette, but does it go both ways? I'd love to see something building on that moment.

Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
(Cosette, Eponine, Azelma)

As I said above: I am fascinated by all the female characters of Les Mis, and would be delighted with fic featuring any of them. So if you'd rather write a different character, or focus on just one of these ones, please do!

I have this vision of Cosette, when she visits the Gorbeau House with Valjean, seeing the way Eponine and Azelma live and wanting to reach out to them - it could be out of sympathy, loneliness, a sense of affinity with them that she can't quite place, or a mixture of all of the above. Whether they would accept her attempts at help or friendship is another matter. Alternatively, a post-barricade fix-it with Eponine/Cosette or Eponine/Cosette/Marius looking after Azelma would make me explode with feelings.

Again, thank you so much, and I hope you have fun!
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