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Hello and thank you in advance for writing me a thing! I can't wait to read it. Please don't feel constrained by any of the specifics preferences below - they're just there in case you want them; I love being surprised too so please feel free to write whatever grabs you.

General likes: female characters doing pretty much anything, and having fully-fleshed-out relationships, shippy or gen. Stories about friendship and/or sisterhood. Well-drawn settings. Historical details. Nice language. I like plotty fic and character/setting pieces equally. I like sad and happy and funny fic equally. Canon divergence, crossovers, SFF AUs. Monsters. Porn is great, kink is great also.

Dislikes: non-con, dubcon, parent-child or sister incest. I'm not generally a fan of modern AUs for historical fandoms (with the exception of obviously science-fictional or alt-universe AUs).

Les Miserables
My favourite things are femslash or gen about ladies and/or minor characters, but really I love every kind of canon-era Mis fic. I'm always easy for Eponine/Cosette, especially Eponine Survives fix-its (Marius can come too if you like). I also really love wildly divergent AUs for these two because it can be hard to get them together in canon-compliant fic. Also very much here for Eponine being badass, Fantine fix-its, or gen with any combination of Fantine Valjean and Cosette. Not that I would be adverse to sad fic! I am a Les Mis fan, after all.

The Musketeers
I'm so easy for any and all of these characters; my only caveat is that I prefer the female characters to be included in some way in fic, because they own my heart. I would especially love to see Constance interacting with any of the other women from the show, or with any/all of the Musketeers. Constance doing anything, really, especially if it involves her wielding a gun or sword. I also pretty much ship all the Musketeers in any permutation so there's that.

I would love Darcy fic of any kind whatsoever, especially if it involves Darcy somehow having adventures in Asgard. Or Jane/Sif, Jane/Science, Frigga/Badassery, any kind of gen, anything with any of the ladies really. Alternatively, Thor's misadventures on Earth (especially London, because as a sometime Londoner the final battle of Thor 2 was the best thing I've ever seen). Maybe featuring Darcy, because, y'know, Darcy.

As I said at the beginning, I am really looking forward to reading what you write, and I love all these canons and characters so if you want to do something totally different with them that is 200% cool. Happy writing, and thank you again!

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