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I'm delighted that we share at least one of these excellent fandoms, and look forward immensely to reading your story! Below are some thoughts and ideas on each request, but please don't feel restricted by them. I've also included a brief summary of each fandom and why I think it's wonderful, so if you're having second thoughts on whatever we matched on, there might be other options!

My do not wants are: dubcon, noncon, incest, pregancy, love triangles & character bashing.

General (totally optional!) YES PLEASES include: gen, het/slash/femslash, poly, seduction, friendship (established or developing), friends with benefits, foe yay, plotty fic, tropey fic, character/world studies, canon pastiche, AUs especially SFF & fairy tale, magic, monsters, food porn, scenery porn, lush language, winter/Yule/Christmas, humour, angst, fluff.

Request 1: Les Miserables (Dallas)
Characters: Eponine, Marius & Cosette

What & why: The Dallas Theater Center's Les Mis is a modern-dress production of the musical, directed by Liesl Tommy - who has stated that she identified deeply with the book growing up in apartheid South Africa - and featuring an outstanding multiracial cast. It draws from recent and current protest movements and is raw and resonant and brilliant.

Thoughts & prompts: I am particularly fascinated by the young leads - they're all characters whose lives are dramatically affected by injustices and upheavals around them, and yet they navigate this with humour and spirit. I love their interactions - the genuine fondness in Marius and Eponine's friendship, the half self-aware, half deadly earnest tone of Marius and Cosette's courtship. I OT3 them *hard* and would love to see a canon divergence or fix-it for the three of them, but I'd also be very much down with Cosette/Marius, Cosette/Eponine or gen for any of them - just please, no "friendzoned" Eponine. Please don't feel obliged to mke it a fix-it, either - I like sad fic too! One of the moments I love in this version is how strongly Marius reacts to Eponine's death - I'd deeply appreciate fic dealing with the fallout of this.

Request 2: The Kay Harker books by John Masefield
Characters: Sylvia Daisy Pouncer, Caroline Louisa, Nibbins the cat, Rollicum Bitem

What & why: The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights are a duology of really weird and awesome children's books featuring a young boy called Kay Harker and assorted living toys, talking cats, singing foxes, witches, pirates and historical figures, plus time travel, lost treasure, magic, gods, I could go on. They are full of wonder and bizarre dream logic and make perfect winter reading, especially The Box of Delights as it's a Christmas story - but The Midnight Folk is severely underrated and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone who likes magical adventure stories.

Thoughts & prompts: One thing that's always bothered me is Caroline Louisa's original appearance as a powerful supernatural figure and her later transformation into much more normal and mortal-seeming guardian for Kay. What's her story? And what kind of history might she have with Sylvia Pouncer? Ngl, I would love a Wicked-esque backstory for these two.
I'm also completely in love with the animal characters from The Midnight Folk. How did Nibbins become a 'good' witch's cat? What does Rollicum Bitem do after the novel? What if those two went off and had adventures of their own OH MAN cat-and-fox hijinks would be amazing?!?
Or, literally, pick any character that appears at any point and write something about their life. Anyone. Anything. I'll just be so excited if anyone writes for this.

Request 3: The Box of Delights (TV)
Characters: Maria, Sylvia Pouncer

What & why: The BBC adaptation of the Box of Delights is like the drunk sibling of their Narnia serials. It's got kids finding secret worlds, Christmas, wolves, witches, talking animals... also ancient philosphers, King Arthur, Herne the Hunter, and diabolical plots to drown all the choirboys in town. It's charming and creepy and trippy all at once and A+++ seasonal watching.

Thoughts and prompts: Maria Jones is obviously the coolest little girl in kids' literature ever, and I would love to read more about her having adventures - maybe she could escape her kidnapping earlier and go off for a bit before rejoining the others - or maybe she takes the lead in some of Kay's adventures?
I also very much adore Patricia Quinn's Pouncer, and kind of want her to have nice things, or at least fun villainous things, beyond the scope of the serial. CRACK IDEA: Maria decides to become a witch/gangster/??? and seeks out Pouncer for her mentor.

Note on requests 2 & 3 - I'm totally up for fusing the two canons or focusing on one but drawing from the other!

Request 4: Gone Home
Characters: Sam/Lonnie

What & why: Gone Home is a truly remarkable Indie game made of interwoven narratives and feelings. For any girl who had feelings for other girls in high-school, it's an absurdly emotional experience. In it, you play a young woman uncovering recent events in her family members' lives through examining objects in your inexplicably empty childhood home, including a taped diary left for you by your younger sister. It's bold and different and lovely.

Thoughts & prompts: while I think exploring Sam and Lonnie's story through Kaitlin's eyes is incredibly sensitively done, I would love to read about it from Sam's - or Lonnie's - point of view. Any of the episodes described by Sam, or 'missing scenes' - or post-canon - would all be wonderful. I also think this is a fandoms that lends itself very well to narrative games or formal experimentation, if that's up your alley. Epistolary fic? Some way of continuing the game's storytelling-through-objects? More of Sam's own fiction interwoven with the story would be especially amazing.

I hope that gives you some ideas, writer, and I wish you good writing and a very happy Yuletide!


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